Armored combat league montana

Six modern-day fighters, specialists in the techniques of armored combat, place both their expertise and bodies on the line as they compete while suited in armor and weaponry of the past. Six modern-day warriors, experts in the techniques of armored combat, place both their skill and bodies on the line as they compete while armed with armor and weaponry of the past. Watch the video. A gauntlet of chopping and hacking tests has competitors run an obstacle course that tests the strength and sharpness of their blades.

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An inside look into the world of an Armored Combat League, a full-contact armored combat league where modern-day warriors battle in heavily-plated armor with steel weapons. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary.

Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings.SCA armoured combat[1] or informally heavy combatis a combat sport developed by the Society for Creative Anachronism SCA in which participants in protective body armour either compete in mock combat individual tournaments inspired by forms of historical combat and tournament combat practiced in medieval Europe.

Groups also compete, under supervision, in group battles which may approximate historically real combat, using SCA approved safe weapons. Combats are performed under the watch of marshals to maintain safety. Neither individual combats nor group battles are choreographed to any predetermined result. The slang term "heavy" is used to distinguish this from "light" combat, now almost exclusively referred to as rapier combat. Participants use armour and weapons specified by SCA standards and rules.

Weapons are made from rattan rather than steel for added safety. The fighting is a full-speed, near full-force, [4] full-contact competition between two or more combatantsdesigned to resemble medieval combat dueling or melees of up to participants. While SCA heavy combat is relatively new compared to other more established martial activities, with the first tournaments held init has now evolved into a large worldwide combat form with thousands of active participants in PolandCanadathe United States[4] GermanyAustriaFinlandNetherlandsIrelandUnited KingdomIcelandJapan [3] SpainBelgiumThailandSwedenSouth AfricaAustralia [5] and New Zealand with new groups in RussiaItaly and China.

Participants may choose a wide range of weapons, the striking surfaces of which are made of rattan [6] and may use leatherfoam, and duct tape in their construction. For safety rattan is used for most striking weapons, staffs, poles, and handles because when it is damaged forms flexible fibers.

armored combat league montana

This is unlike most types of wood that may form dangerous sharp splinters when it breaks. All armour standards are codified, with slight variations between the different regional groups within the SCA.

All vital points are covered by some hard rigid protection. Safety standards are high and generally well enforced, with few serious injuries in comparison to other sports. As a result, there are many variations of helm used in the SCA that are otherwise historically accurate but have a steel grill added to cover the face.

These grilled faceplates were also used for tournaments in Europe in the 14th and 15th Centuries, although probably not for actual warfare. Armour costs can vary greatly from DIYdonation, used armour, or spending up to thousands for museum quality armour, [3] [8] and may weigh as much as 70 pounds. In SCA heavy combat, the validity of a blow received is judged on an honour system.

The combatant receiving a blow from a SCA approved weapon judges if they would have been uninjured, injured, or killed had it been a historically real weapon impacting a universal "imaginary" set of SCA specified armour that all combatants "wear". Blows with sufficient force are judged by combatants to have been deflected, defeated, or penetrated this style of armour, or if struck on an "unprotected" area of the body.

Depending on these several variables a combatant judges the level of damage ranging from no damage to instant death and responds according to SCA norms and rules. Combatants varying from SCA combat norms and rules are normally frowned upon because they could potentially compromise safety, fun, and reflect badly on the honor of SCA combatants.

The effect a blow has on a combatant is determined by a body part target location system. If the head, neck or torso are hit with significant force, the combatant is deemed dead. If a leg is hit with significant force to disable it, the combatant must fight on his or her knees thereafter.

If an arm is hit, the combatant can no longer use it to hold a weapon or shield. Different weapons can have different effects, simulating the effect of the period weapon e. The struck combatant either verbally acknowledges the validity of a blow or acts it out, depending on the type of bout.

Some bouts request a defeated combatant die a dramatic death for good showmanship. Certain combat moves and styles are prohibited for safety reasons; even if they would have occurred in real historical combat because they could present major safety issues for modern SCA practitioners.

Grades, in the form of Knighthoods, are awarded to those of sufficient prowess. Women are awarded knighthoods as well, and there are currently around 40 female knighthoods in the society.

SCA tournaments are held regularly in which two combatants fight each other, [10] using a number of advancement systems so that a single winning fighter is decided. A special case of this is the regular Crown Tournament in each SCA kingdom held to choose the king and queen who will "rule".Nationwide, the Army National Guard comprises approximately one half of the US Army's available combat forces and approximately one third of its support organization.

National coordination of various state National Guard units are maintained through the National Guard Bureau. The same ran ks and insignia are used and National Guardsmen are eligible to receive all United States military awards.

Armored Combat League

The Montana Guard also bestows a number of state awards for local services rendered in or to the state of Montana. The Montana Army National Guard was originally formed in The d Infantry dates its history to independent companies grouped together around The Militia Act of organized the various state militias into the present National Guard system.

They participated in large-scale military exercises in California in On Dec. In March they were sent to Australia. In September the Regiment went ashore at Hiro, Japan as part of the occupation of that country. By this time most of the original Montanan troops had been discharged. It appears that on the disbandment of the rd Armored Brigade, the Battalion was reassigned to the th Cavalry Brigade headquartered in Idaho.

The unit was renamed the rd Infantry Battalion during the reorganization of the Montana Army National Guard, and has been re-designated as Cavalry once again, combining mechanized infantry with Abrams tank units.

In Aprilthe rd Cavalry Regiment formerly the Infantry received mobilization orders and prepared to deploy to the Middle East for the second time in five years. National Guard units can be mobilized at any time by presidential order to supplement regular armed forces, and upon declaration of a state of emergency by the governor of the state in which they serve.

Unlike Army Reserve members, National Guard members cannot be mobilized individually except through voluntary transfers and Temporary Duty Assignments TDYbut only as part of their respective units.

However, there has been a significant number of individual activations to support military operations ? For much of the final decades of the twentieth century, National Guard personnel typically served " One weekend a month, two weeks a year ", with a portion working for the Guard in a full-time capacity. The current forces formation plans of the US Army call for the typical National Guard unit or National Guardsman to serve one year of active duty for every three years of service.

More specifically, current Department of Defense policy is that no Guardsman will be involuntarily activated for a total of more than 24 months cumulative in one six-year enlistment period this policy is due to change 1 Augustthe new policy states that soldiers will be given 24 months between deployments of no more than 24 months, individual states have differing policies.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. June Helena Independent Record. Retrieved 1 August Montana National Guard.Full-contact, full-force, and full-steel, the Armored Combat class is medieval combat with modern protective gear and rules.

Hard-hitting and adrenaline-pumping, AC is an extreme sport where armor-clad fighters class on the battlefield in an intense melee. Participants in this form fight in bouts ranging from one-on-one duels to grand sixteen-on-sixteen group battles. This is an intense conditioning class that will get your blood pumping. You are interested in large-scale battles, extreme sports, and want to test the limits of your endurance and will. Students will do exhaustive conditioning drills, strength training, weapons training, takedown drills, and more.

Intermediate level students are expected to begin assembling their armor kits, and training in full gear their own or borrowed as soon as they are able. Skip to content. Armored Combat. Intro Full-contact, full-force, and full-steel, the Armored Combat class is medieval combat with modern protective gear and rules. You should study this form if… You are interested in large-scale battles, extreme sports, and want to test the limits of your endurance and will.

You should try the ACL if you like… Game of Thrones, Braveheart, stories about tough, legendary warriors If you continue to practice armored combat… Students will do exhaustive conditioning drills, strength training, weapons training, takedown drills, and more. Class Details. Duration: 55 mins, Wed ; Sat Location: Madison Ave th St. Class Type: Western Martial Arts. Class Size: Sign Up.Now, it needs to be mentioned that any sport needs rules, and while the average spectator unfamiliar with the sport of armored combat may think there are no rules, there are a number of them.

One of these rules that changes how these men fight as opposed to actual Medieval and Renaissance armored combat was conducted is that there are no thrusts allowed in the sport of armored combat. This is for participant safety, and while we do thrust in my H.

With a sword, thrusts were used in the gaps and through the visor to defeat your armored opponent. The fact that the fighter must have good grappling skills to get their opponent to the ground, the ultimate objective in the sport, is quite realistic.

We also know that the armored knight was not as encumbered by his armor as myth would have it. He was quite agile and able to get back to his feet fairly easily. Three or four against one odds will almost assuredly result in the death of the one in a stand and fight scenario.

This is historically accurate in that one of the ways to halt an armored enemy was to strike him with a weapon designed to inflict blunt-force trauma. Watch the video I link with this posting and observe the beating these men are taking, and yet remain on their feet for as long as they do.

I know that there are some added, modern protective elements worn under the armor and period-looking arming clothes by many fighters, but still, one of the greatest things I have learned by my observations of this sport is how difficult it must have been to face an armored opponent like this on a Medieval or Renaissance battle field. Imagine yourself a regular peasant or commoner unable to afford much armor other than some padding, and then being faced against a well armored knight or squire in the heat of battle.

What do you do? Not to mention, he probably has friends right close with him that are also pretty well equipped, if not also occupied with an opponent at the moment. This is not the end all be on piece of this topic, but a brief bit to touch on some comparisons and contrasts of what we know of actual Medieval and Renaissance combat actions involving armored men on foot, and the sport of Medieval Armored Combat today.

This piece if essentially to give you some of my insight on this topic, and to promote thinking and meaningful conversation on the topic. I can tell you this, as someone who has been both a student and instructor of Historical European Martial Arts for well over a decade now, I think there is much to be learned not only from observation of the sport of Medieval Armored Combat, but in its participation as well.

It is quite expensive to get into, which has been my only obstacle, but it is a sport of value and without question would make the likes of Sir Geffroi de Charny, and Sir William Marshal pleased to see. Battle Heritage. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Bam Bam Woodbury, Knight Fight Champion 2019 Armored Combat League

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armored combat league montana

Name required. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Damion DiGrazia knows pain. Five years ago, he was 20 miles into an ultramarathon in the hills of Vermont when the connective tissue in his right knee became displaced, jabbing bone into nerve with every step.

DiGrazia ran the last 42 miles with his kneecap tied in place.

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His weapons of choice: a wood-handled mace topped with a flanged steel head, and a red birchwood shield lined with metal, which he holds not for protection but for bludgeoning opponents into submission. When DiGrazia steps onto the battlefield, the year-old former Air Force mechanic and Harvard grad transforms into a modern-day medieval ass-kicker. This is not that. DiGrazia is a member of the Armored Combat League, part of an international sport with members in more than 20 countries that prides itself on full contact, real steel, and unbridled violence.

Sinou shows off his gear, starting with his custom-fit gauntlets. And it feels good. The Springfield tournament is a no-frills event — a livestock auction pen at the state fairgrounds serves as the arena, and by noon a crowd of more than has filled the building.

Like DiGrazia and Sinou, the 70 or so other men have traveled here to compete for spots on the top three American squads, which will do the majority of the fighting at the championships, held in Spain.

In two years of international competition, the Americans have yet to win a gold medal. The rules for ACL fighting are simple. Some compete in individual contests, in which the winner is determined by the number of blows landed. Surrender is also an option and often a wise one.

The Armored Combat League and The IMCF: What Can We Learn From Them?

All weapons must have rounded or blunted edges and meet weight requirements, ensuring no one will get a limb hacked off or a skull crushed. Otherwise, nearly anything goes. Punching, kicking, leg sweeping, bull-rushing, and targeting exposed flesh are essential tactics. Bigger players who prefer close combat favor swords and hand axes; pole arms up to seven feet long are ideal for smaller speedsters who might strike at a distance or sneak up with a hockey-style cross-checking blow.

Shields are used more for punishment than defense. This is his full-time job, and one that fits his image — his European opponents call him Captain America, and his phone rings to a Marine Corps running cadence. Among the shelves lined with battered helmets and racks of hefty blades and maces, Sinou explains the history of the sport. Modern medieval-style combat began in Russia a few years ago, but loose rules and shoddy armor made every match a lethal proposition.

Here in the States, the concept appealed to guys like Sinou, who was a lineman in high school and competed in a full-contact wooden-sword league for years. Sinou had reached the highest level of training — the equivalent of a black belt in martial arts — and grew bored. So a band of 29 would-be warriors, including Sinou, formed the inaugural U. At least there were no casualties. But it took an extreme amount of courage. Just a handful of team members who made the trek to Springfield have military backgrounds like Sinou and DiGrazia.

He fondly recalls the practice melee in which he had just introduced his falchion, a one-handed sword, to Anthony Lynch, a 6-foot-6, pound software manager from California — when Sinou ran him over. But we have a saying: Everyone eats dirt. Lynch is something of a rock star within the ACL thanks to his intimidating frame, his distinctive red-and-blue helmet, and his dedication: The year-old lost 65 pounds in preparation, then put on 15 pounds of muscle through CrossFit training.Chapter Teams are ACW Teams based in Metropolitan areas, These teams become focal points and though a fighter may not live within city limits they will fight for that local team.

Each Chapter Team is managed by a Chapter President. When a Chapter has grown to 12 armored fighters, a new Chapter in a nearby Municipality will be formed. Some members will be asked to help form this new Chapter, a new place where fighters can develop and get a chance at our brand of mayhem. City-on-city madness will ensue! Chapters are found within Regions. Regions are the next level of progression upward.

The best available fighters within a Region form the Regional Team for major competitions. Regional commanders are responsible for developing fighters and the League within their Regional boundaries. Any ACW fighter who wishes to participate and try out for Team USA just needs to register for the team, showing intent to participate, meet participatory guidelines, and compete for a spot.

ACW crosses national borders. Competition is fierce and gets tougher each year. Photo credits: Snapping DragonD. D PhotographyStorybox Creative. Home About Join Sponsors.

Learn More. About Us. Learn more about the event.

armored combat league montana

Tickets at the door or online. Join the hundreds of fighters and feel the thrill of full contact steel today! Held in Lake Havasu, Arizona, the Pacific Grizzlies came out on top of the 5v5 bracket and performed well in the chapter wars as well. The Pacific Grizzlies are a regional team made up of fighters from several chapters in the pacific region, which includes California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

View Profile. USA Knight. Chapter President, Noeths Aspirant. Marcus Kelly. Jeremiah Elliott. Jesse Cunnally.

Knight Fight

Travis Rehder. Chapter President, Sasqchs Aspirant. Remember Me. Sign in.


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