Dometic harrier problems

Page of 28 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Installation Manual. Air conditioning roof unit. Table of Contents. Battery-powered systems for dometic auxiliary air conditioning systems 20 pages.

Page 3 Dometic Harrier Inverter Page 4 Dometic Harrier Inverter Page 5 Dometic Harrier Inverter Page 6 Dometic Harrier Inverter Page 7: Table Of Contents Dometic Harrier Inverter Please read this manual carefully before installing and using the device, and keep it in a safe place. If you sell the device, pass on this instruction manual to the buyer. Table of contents Explanation of symbols A distance of at least 50 cm must be kept. The roof air conditioner is not suitable for installation in construction machines, agricultural machines or similar equipment.

It will not work properly if exposed to strong vibrations. Page Technical Description Technical description Dometic Harrier Inverter Technical description The roof air conditioner supplies the interior with cool or warm dehumidified air without dust and dirt.

LED lamps integrated in the air outlet unit provide pleasant lighting. The roof air conditioner is operated with the remote control. Page Control Panel Technical description Dometic Harrier Inverter Control panel The control panel is at the air outlet unit of the roof air conditioner fig.

It contains the following control and display elements: Explanation Button P Switches the roof air conditioner on, off or toReckon I could find these handy one day, so if you can attach them as files I for one would appreciate it. I have the legend of error codes for new Dometic Harrier Air Conditioner if anyone wants a copy. New to forum so I'll need help to upload 3page pdf. Suprisingly these error codes are not in the user's manual. The error codes are displayed on the internal fan unit whenever there is a problem but unless you have the error code legend what good are the codes as they mean zipo :.

Caravan rooftop A/Cond

Click here to visit the Grey Nomads website. List All Users. Search Advanced Search. User Details. Start A New Topic Reply. Date: AM Nov 3, El Gringo.

dometic harrier problems

Date: PM Nov 3, Hi Garry, Reckon I could find these handy one day, so if you can attach them as files I for one would appreciate it. It's the bottom button in the reply screen. Thanx, Bernie. Date: PM Dec 28, Any chance that the PDF could be uploaded?

I know of someone chasing help with code "EA", so even just the meaning of this particular error would be appreciated. Date: AM Dec 29, Hi Garry, My new van has a Harrier and although it is working great I would apprciate the codes just in case. Quick Reply. Remember Me. Harrier Air Conditioner.

Please log in to post quick replies.Are roof mounted air conditioners noisy, and are they noisier than domestic units mounted on the end of the van. My experience says they are noisier had roof mounted, now have split system. However I am hearing good reports on the latest Air Command Ibis.

We currently have a Fujitsu split on the back bumper, cant hear it inside the van, and reasonably quiet outside as well. Also low power consumption, which is important if you plan to run on Inverter or Gennie.

Dometic Harrier Inverter Air Conditioner leaking in the rain.

I have the air command ibis and is nice and quiet in and out. It was suggested to get the ibis by a aircon mechanic in Townsville last year. I thought if a aircon expert in the tropics recommends it that's good enough for me.

Live Life On Your Terms. Our previous van had a Dometic and very noisy. New van has a Air Command Ibis. Comparatively very quiet and more efficient. Ex RAAF, now retired. EX Electrician. Homebase is Strathalbyn Caravan Park now permanent. Life is way too short to be grumpy. Doug it is ok mate It was Phil who was going Ditto where he is. Maybe when we are a bit further north and more likely to run into each other somewhere bloody frank KFC ever so slightly off topic.

Unfortunately its hardly any better which is dissapointingso i'm guessing the Baley's solid compisite roof and this unit don't play together well : you can feel vibration throughout the van when the compressor kicks inso sadly l can't reccomend this combo of AC and vanbut Denso's backup service is faultless i have'nt told them about the result After an initial examination, he became aware of the location and fixtures of "piping" that could be the problem.

Sure enough. Click here to visit the Grey Nomads website. List All Users. Search Advanced Search. User Details. Start A New Topic Reply.Warped door seals and clogged condensation drains are common problems with Dometic RV refrigerators.

Other problems including faulty thermostats can occur. To determine the problem with a Dometic RV refrigerator, owners should first check and ensure the fridge is receiving the proper voltage. RV refrigerators should be running on volts; a multimeter comes in handy for checking this. Owners should use the multimeter by hooking it up to one of the heating element wires. If the device fails to read the proper voltage, the element needs replacing.

If the refrigerator is cold, but not cold enough to keep foods safe, users should check the door seals to ensure they are in good conditions. If the seals are cracked or not allowing the door to close tightly, cold air can escape and prevent the fridge from maintaining an optimal temperature. An easy way to check the gaskets is to close a dollar bill into the door. After closing the door, users can pull gently on the bill.

If it comes free without resistance, the door is not sealing as it should. The seals can be replaced by ordering parts from the manufacturer. After troubleshooting and fixing the issue with the refrigerator, users should leave the door closed for several hours before retesting the temperature.

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dometic harrier problems

Designed to stimulate conversation about where you've travelled, Login Sign Up. Your have items in your shopping cart. Forum Index. Member - Tony H touring oz. Hi all, I currently have a ten year old Dometic B series rooftop unit on my van Kedron.

I have been doing an exercise on the possibility of upgrading to a new replacement unit. I have narrowed my possible choice down to two units. Dometic Harrier 2. Air Command Ibis 3 I have been assured that either unit will 'slot' straight in after removal of the old unit. My question, Insanity doesnt run in my family Your best option for mapping and navigation no matter where you go in Australia. Back Moderator. Unisex Navy Pocket Polo - TMTE Features an embroidered motif designed especially for our clothing range that incorporates our logo and slogan "There's more to explore", ExplorOz Windscreen Sticker This clear vinyl sticker with white or black lettering "www.

ExplorOz Stubby Holder Suits beer, soft drink or water bottles. Community Forum Blogs Classifieds Membership. Beyond Pty Ltd.However, it is not always necessary. In case of a minor malfunction you may diagnose the problem by an error code. Check for the error codes on the display or identify the symptom and look for an explanation and troubleshooting tips in the tables below. If voltage is not present, a wiring problem exists back to the unit.

With voltage present at both locations above, check output terminals to seawater pump. If voltage is not present, either: 1. Signal circuit is defective. Move to a spare circuit if available. Triac is defective on seawater pump circuit. Turn counter-clockwise for warmer and clockwise for cooler Wiring terminal to thermostat or selector switch may be disconnected.

Check wiring schematic before reconnecting loose terminals. Fan and Pump run, but no cooling or heating Seawater intake valve may be closed.

Open valve Compressor operates for only short periods of time.

Dometic Harrier Inverter V2 Air Conditioner - 3.1kW Cool / 2.8kW Heat - 280mm High - 45kg

Seawater strainer or intakes could be plugged. Check hoses from intake to pump, pump to condensing unit, and condensing unit to overboard to make certain that they have not collapsed, pinched, or kinked. Water pump may be defective.

Check voltage to pump, check pump head and impeller. Dirty return air filter Clean filter Check for proper thermostat setting Turn counter-clockwise for warmer and clockwise for cooler On heat setting, system takes fifteen minutes to stabilize. As the seawater becomes colder, the output of the system is reduced. Give system time to stabilize. Verify seawater temperature. Switch unit into heat until the ice melts.

A unit low on refrigerant charge will cause evaporator icing. Low voltage can cause the air conditioning system to cycle off before proper temperature is reached Check electrical supply source Reduced water flow Visually check water flow overboard and if low take corrective action.

Any additional zones that loose communication will blink in addition to the current zone. E2 Open circuit or out-of-range indoor temperature sensor. All heatcool, and dehumidify operations will be locked out. Manual fan operation will continue.

dometic harrier problems

E3 Shorted Indoor Temperature Sensor. All heat, cool, and dehumidify operation will be locked out. E4 Open circuit or out of range Outdoor Temperature Sensor select models.

Heat pump and dehumidification operation will be locked out.The first caravan air conditioner to use inverter technology means not only does it have the largest cooling capacity in its class, but is an ideal choice for those running off a generator. Capable of cooling RV's up to 7. While the variable speed compressor in the Harrier reduces noise, minimises power consumption and vibration, the V2 goes one step further with the improved sleep mode for complete sleeping comfort.

An additional feature of the Harrier is it can be installed into either a x or x roof opening without modification. Features Inverter Compressor Quiet operation Sleep Mode reduces compressor and fan speed to minimise noise and vibration levels while sleeping Remote controlled oscillating vents and cold plasma air purification Suitable for either x mm or x mm roof openings 3 year warranty.

Shipping Dimensions: 62 cm x cm x cm. Compare their specifications, prices, reviews and more. What size do you need? Roof top or Built-in? This quick guide answers the most frequently asked Read Related Products Product Manual 2.

Will defiantly use them again, probably very soon! Just what I needed and arrived really quickly too. Very pleased with the product Exactly what I wanted at a good price. We are well stocked but supply problems coming on imports. Very quick dispatch. Posting daily Australia wide.

Dometic Harrier Inverter Air Conditioner. Add To Cart. Building on the success of the earlier model, the V2 has a reduced noise level and the sleek air distribution box with inbuilt ambient lighting achieves an ultra modern look. Related Products. Product Manual 2. Installation Manual 3. What People Say


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