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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words The Stonehearted Poet pt. A Bubbler Scorned 4. Cloudy with a Chance of Stormy Weather 5. Pharaoh'y over 6. What's the Lady Wifi Password?

More like, Irresponsi-gal 8. The Miraculous Mr. Pigeon 9. Evillustrations Rogercops and Robbers Copycat: The Deception of Feline Fine Dark Cupid? More like Darn Stupid- Or a Stab in the Dark? The Mime Everybody was Kung Food Fighting- Gamer Nation He's an Animan-eaterAurore is a slender teenage girl standing at medium height with fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair with bangs and low hanging twintails tied with light blue hair ties.

She wears thick-heeled yellow dress shoes and a light blue mini dress that has small shoulder puffs, a small yellow cloud pattern, a white collar, a white band around the waist, frills at the hem, and small white lace at the dress openings.

She carries a parasol that is blue with a white cloud pattern on the outside and light yellow on the inside. Stormy Weather has pale skin and light purple-gray eyes. Her hair is two tones with dark purple base and periwinkle bangs, while her large, pointed, low-angled twintails are striped with dark purple and periwinkle spirals.

On her face, she has jagged black face paint that surrounds her eyes and comes down to her cheeks as lightning bolts. She wears a tight, muted-color purple and blue two-piece dress that poofs into a curved bell-shape around her waist, has small shoulder puffs with a narrow-ended-tube-shaped collar, and also features five white lightning bolt patterns that have bright purple outlines.

The sleeves become white gloves with two of the lighting bolts above her elbows. She wears muted purple tights that become small-heeled white boots that are angled at the "opening" near the calf, and two of the lightning bolts come out of the boots around the outsides of her legs near the knees the last of the pattern is a sole lightning bolt centered squarely near her abdomen. Her weapon is a closed dark purple parasol that fades to brighter purple at the tip and has a black handle with a double spearhead at the bottom.

Normally, Aurore is charming and prideful. Because of her arrogance, she is angry with Mireille for winning instead of her, but she keeps it to herself, only lamenting about it once she is alone. Over the series she's also been shown to be able to forgive people as she happily worked with Mireille as co-host for the Friendship Day event.

When she is Stormy Weather, she becomes a lot more out loud about her aggressive and rude feelings. Her jealousy for Mireille ramps up even higher, as she traps Mireille with ice in an elevator, destroys any images of her, and attacks her fans.


Aurore is very at good at hiding herself, whenever to make sneak attacks or avoiding them while she was Akumatized. With her parasol as her weapon, Stormy Weather is able to control the weather. She can control air and create strong wind; this also allows her to levitate, fly at high speeds and create small hurricanes.

She can create ice and freeze air currents, along with forming snowstorms and hailstorms. She can fire purple lightning bolts from her parasol that cause small explosions on impact.

Also, she can aim them towards the sky; by doing that, the sky clouds up and, after a few seconds, a massive lightning strikes. In "Stormy Weather 2", Stormy Weather's powers become expanded to include "all the forces of nature".

Consequently, she is able to create a volcano which generates enough force to move Earth out of its orbit. Ladybug notes during the battle that she's far stronger than she was before.

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When Mireille won instead of her, she was very angry, though she kept it to herself and only lamented about it once she was alone. As Stormy Weather, her resentment for Mireille grows as she traps her in a block of ice and destroys anything that has an image of her. It is shown as of " Ikari Gozen " that the two seem to get along very well as they both host the Friendship Day game. Since Aurore was known to be working as a weather forecaster in "Stormy Weather 2" and Mireille won the contest, they are probably working together.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Marinette copes with being a guardian, Kagami and Adrien dating, professional growth, and being Chinese-Italian-Parisian during Covid Hawkmoth has been defeated but an even greater opponent has reared its three heads: Le Bac, university applications, and passing the driving test.

Amidst all of this, everyone does their best to keep the GabeNath twins from destroying Paris while Plagg 'babysits'. Sequel to Miraculous Team: Valentine Lovers.

When Jagged Stone announces that he will be ending his latest tour with a concert in Paris, the Miraculous Team plans to attend it especially Adrien and Marinette, who want to celebrate their two week anniversary, with Jagged Stone's music blasting into their ears. But Hawk Moth and his minions might not allow them to attend it. AU where everyone in Marinette and Adrien's class has a Miraculous.

Summer is finally over. With school back in full swing, Marinette finds herself more at a loss with new allies, enemies, and wild cards with their own agendas. Marinette awakes in a strange place and nothing is going as planned for her.

Could she still find her true love after everything? Will she be able to live a happy life with her new husband? Marinette is done being beaten down and treated like she didn't matter! She was She was proud. She was confident.

She was Marinette! No pathetic Liar, spineless crush, or idiotic classmates were going to get to her! Transferring schools is new and terrifying, but with new friends and new found confidence, she will conquer anything!

Love, blooming friendships, and mysterious new heroes await her! Adrien was very used to interviews. Though Nathalie did always remind him of the rules beforehand.

miraculous ladybug ao3

Be honest, yet kind and professional.I've recently republished my novel Escaping the Tyrant by Alexandra Nicole. It's on Amazon currently. I'd love if you checked it out and supported me. In my free time Because I somehow have thatI love doing art and reading fan-fiction. As a new-found fan of Miraculous Ladybug, I currently only write fan fiction for that. Anything else is likely to be rare. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

TheNovelArtist hide bio. Sort: Category. Clean Clothes, Dirty Thoughts by Mendedmauve reviews Tohru is finishing up some laundry one morning and unknowingly drops a particular article of clothing in the hallway. What could happen? Baby Bump by bipolarweeb reviews Kyo is constantly reminded of how incredible his wife is.

Inheritance by Dr. Breifs Cat reviews Adrien thinks his wife is formidable, entirely capable of handling the so called disasters that come her way. But when Marinette receives bad news and an old phonograph one day, Adrien and Marinette will be forced to confront some big secrets they've kept from one another for a very long time. Plain White Tee by bipolarweeb reviews "I-is that my shirt? White Carnations by SplatterCracker reviews "Chat, how do you flirt?

The only question is, how? Well, when it comes to romance, who better to ask than Chat? The Slow Way by sctwilightvampwolfgal reviews Even though, she's known the feelings were there for a while, she doesn't quite come naturally to say the words right away. Including trusting two humans. Adrien, mer! Definitely read that first, as events in this oneshot take place after the end of that story!

miraculous ladybug ao3

Crossposted on Ao3. Confined Spaces by AubreyAnne reviews The aged-up 'trapped in an elevator' AU that no one asked for but was stuck in my head. Benefactor by Otoshigo reviews It started out as a friendly gesture. A covert present for a friend in need. Then it became something more. Something that he didn't, couldn't, fully understand.

Not until it was too late. Driver's Ed by Otoshigo reviews Nobody wants to teach Adrien how to drive, so Marinette offers to help. He can't be that bad At school she demonstrates one of the new fight moves to Alya Bad boy!

Adrien AU, No Magic!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. While being heavily inspired by MoS'sit will probably be quite different- being diff authors and maybe liking different types of 'Haunted'.

Prequel to the Haunted Mansion Au on Tumblr. In which Felix, the heir and one day Master of the vast Culpa fortune, including the Mansion of the title- falls head over heels in love with a servant.

Aurore Beauréal

Brigette Cheng. It should have been a night of joy in the Culpa Mansion, for its Master and his Bride. It was not. For among those who wished them joy had slipped a thief, who stole the life of one most precious to the Culpa heir. But the thief did not act alone… There were those who aided her, be it willingly or through incidental carelessness.

All were guilty in the eyes of the bereaved groom- and thus, all were cursed. Chapter 1- Felix's parents have a conversation about their son's love life. Side story to chapter 8 of Romance in the Culpa Mansion. Everyone's excited, especially Miss Bustier's class who are leaving first, and will have the mansion to themselves and the staff for that time. Marinette was just looking forward to seeing the Mansion and admiring the beauty, and maybe spending time with her boyfriend Adrien. Unfortunately, Lila's being her usual self, and her classmates are falling for it as usual.

What will the mysterious Master of the Mansion have in store for them? Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.Adrien is as innocent as they come. That is until Nino exposes him to some explicit materials. The heroes were 20 years old, in university, and it was now time to trust each other better than they ever did.

She had prepared him a wonderful warm meal and he disliked the fact that she was going to be in his own kitchen for this long.

She ignored his tugs continued scrubbing the pans in the sink. He attempted to grab the dish towel nearby to at least be able to help and dry the dishes, but Marinette swatted him away with her wet hands; droplets landing on his olive green shirt and forearms.

She grabbed the dish towel from him and hung it back up. He hugged her from behind and mumbled sweet nothings in her ear, trying to coo her away from the chores.

She giggled and shrugged him off of her back. Adrien sighed and stuck his hands in his pocket. He knew how Marinette could get when she had her mind set on something, which was most evident when she was Ladybug. He wandered away from the kitchen and into the study that was attached to his living room with a nice open wide arch that swirled together at the top.

He had his desk pushed up against the wall, with his laptop, papers and other little knick-knacks spread across the top. He had a sleek black console piano in the corner at the back of the room.

He flicked on the tall lamp that stood next to it. A smirk spread across his lips, and he knew exactly what would carry Marinette away from her task. He settled on the small bench in front of the keyboard.

It creaked beneath him as he shifted into a comfortable position, placing his toes near the foot petals. His hands hovered over the black and white keys for a second before deciding on a piece to play. The room was still and quiet — peaceful even.

Adrien was well aware that his father meant well for him to gain independence by living alone, but living alone was, well… lonely.

He wanted to get out of his empty shell apartment. However, since Marinette had stepped foot in his home, there was a new surprising pleasant glow and Adrien felt more at ease and settled in the comfort of his own home already.

Keep reading. This time smut, but idk…i had a fun and cute idea that chat snuggles even more when they are naked…forgive me qookyquiche …i love this AU. Her gaze narrowed when she heard muffled movement from behind her but again when she turned, Marinette saw nothing.

Marianne Lenoir

Carefully navigating her way through the darkness, Marinette tried to search for the light switch until a sudden, bone-chilling realization hit her.

A low growl sounded from behind her, far closer than Marinette expected and she mentally cursed her uncharacteristically bad luck tonight. It was charged, like a tightly coiled rope about to snap and she felt the buzzing of energy in the air.

Marinette closed her eyes, instead focusing on her other senses to try and detect his location. He was deliberately teasing her, running just the tips of his claws lightly against her arms, the outbreak of goosebumps on her skin growing even worse and she felt herself suddenly burning up, despite only wearing the thin nightgown she wore.

Oh, her sudden eruption into goosebumps and trembling flesh had nothing to do with the sudden drop in temperature in her room and the damn cat knew that very well. Marinette tried to regain some of her control, tried to not let him get the upper hand, but in a dark environment with close to no source of light, the clever cat definitely had that small advantage. Perhaps, a pair of handcuffs that Alya has oh-so generously gifted to Mari could spice things up a bit?

You can also find it on A Which, in his mind, it had. How dare anything so sweet be so difficult to consume? She shook her head and started laughing even harder at his puppy dog expression. She whipped her head around to find none other than the heir to the Agreste fortune holding a half empty bottle of honey and sporting a shit-eating grin on his face.

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miraculous ladybug ao3

Goodnight, Children by takethembystorm. Heroes of the day by metawohoo. Hop To It by lpofdestiny.

miraculous ladybug ao3


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