Press 1 campaign vicidial

ViciDial BroadCast Campaign by saif. This is exactly how we typically implement it. Press 1 to be transfered to sales.

How to configure voice broadcast campaign in vicidial / goautodial

Press 2 to be added to our Do Not Call list. So be careful not to decide you've done something wrong until you've tested it with another provider just to be sure. I still don't know what that was about. So make sure your extensions. And be sure to do the testing on a Zero Load on the server so it won't be a server load issue.

IE: Keep on dialing even while loading large lists! It should be noted that in the United States, come September this will become illegal unless you have a preexisting relationship with the customer and they have specifically signed a piece of paper that says "Yes you can call me and play 'press This will basically only allow people like debt collection agencies to use this tactic.

I need it only for Voice BroadCast. I only see Compaigns which are highly complicated. Where can I find the Broadcast compaign if there is one? I also need it to work with "Press 1 for sales" At least the free version? It will then broadcast a message asking if the prospect is democrat or republican So concentrate on learning your new vicidialNOW box, as it already has all the tools you need, but if you don't have the manual you'll have a devil of a time figuring it out. Newer versions "from scratch" up to the most recent SVN trunk can make this easier.

I thought only the paid version is litsted online. Is the free version the same as the paid version but not in colour? Thanks for the quick responce. Item: 2. I did a search for the word "boradcast" and there is nothing. Any other manual you can point me to? How will I set up the broadcast function to "clean" a list?We will first look at adding a new campaign. When adding a new campaign you must make sure that you set the campaign ID and campaign name or the submission will not be accepted.

Also, please make sure that the campaign ID you have chosen does not have any spaces or punctuation, only letters or numbers. Once you create a campaign you will not be able to change that campaign ID unless you delete the campaign and re-create it again with a different campaign ID. You cannot have duplicate campaign IDs in the system, and campaign IDs must be between 2 and 8 characters in length. You just need to enter a new Campaign ID, Campaign name and a source campaign to take the other settings from.

Real-time will take you to a different screen that will show a real time summary of Campaign statistics including number of agents, what servers they are on and other important campaign statistics for the day. Campaign ID — This is the short name of the campaign, it is not editable after initial submission, cannot contain spaces or other punctuation and must be between 2 and 8 characters in length.

Campaign Name — This is the description of the campaign, it must be between 6 and 40 characters in length. Campaign Description — This is a memo field for the campaign, it is optional and can be a maximum of characters in length. Campaign Change Date — This is the last time that the settings for this campaign were modified.

Active — This is where you set the campaign to Active or Inactive. If Inactive, no agents can log into it. Make sure the extension is in place in the extensions. You can leave this field blank. Most of the fields available to the agent are submitted through the query string to the web page you have defined in this field.

Web Form Target — If you are using multi-framed browser screens, then you might want to use this field to define what frame the web form will appear in when the user clicks on the WEB FORM button. Setting this to Y will make the Allowed Closers section appear at the bottom of the Campaign options screen upon submit.

Setting this to Y will make the Allowed In-Groups section appear at the bottom of the Campaign options screen upon submit. If this option is set to N then the agents logged into this campaign cannot take inbound calls in any way. Dial Statuses — This is where you set the statuses that you are wanting to dial on within the lists that are active for the campaign.

You can select over 50 statuses to dial on for each campaign if you need. Will use the List and status parameters for the selected List Mix entry in the List Mix sub section instead. By Default, List Mix is disabled and will not function until your administrator activates List Mix functionality on the server. Use this feature with caution, it is easy to stop adding leads to the hopper accidentally with the slightest alteration to the SQL statement. Default is NONE.Our Testimonial Thirsty helpdesk will help you use its features to satisfy any need.

A range of related services help you start. Read up on hosted and inhouse flavors and then take the demo. On registering for the demo, we boot a virtual contact center system for you. Your startup credit is topped up daily for 5 days for extended testing. Convert the demo to production by making PayPal payments into your demo account. See right pane for more detail and then sign up for a demo.

Should you require an inhouse Contact Center, Warmconnect converts your system to one you can run virtualised; with support and instructions on how to do so. You no longer pay us for hourly hosting. We offer paid telephonic support. See right pane for details and then contact us for more info. Agents do not need to be tethered to their phones at all times.

Broadcast Press 1 Campaigns with Text to Speech more info. Use WarmConnect voice broadcasting system to play a message to thousands of people in a short time, to leave messages in mailboxes, to conduct automated surveys or for a "press 1" type of campaign where the listener can press a digit to speak to your agent after the message.

Capacity scales from 50 to simultaneous lines! Demo available. Broadcast to any country on the planet. Only answered calls are charged. Use text to speech to personalize your recorded message. Grab the listener's attention by speaking name and other personalised details.The manually marketing calls that your agent makes after meeting difficulties like unanswered call and the time spent on it can be spared and you can make a perfect pitch call successful within seconds with robo calling software!

Robo calling dials max channels and set an IVR for the answered calls. So all the manual work and the time can be saved by robo calling system. Robo calling delivers a perfect IVR for your customers and let them hear a beautiful refreshing voice and not only that, it saves you the time that you spent on manually dialing and let your agents relax.

Robo calling also offers you press 1 campaign that means you can give your customers the option of dialing 1 if they want to talk to the customer service representatives. If you select press 1 campaign for robo calling system then it will first play an IVR to connected call and let the customer press 1 when they get interested in your product and let you have an opportunity to make your customer as your lead!

With robo calling and Press 1 campaigns you can achieve potential customers in no time. Voice Broadcasting have IVR Interactive voice response support for their customers to contact them with pre-recorded voice messages. Ring-less voicemail, called a voicemail drop, a method in which pre-recorded audio message is placed in voicemail inbox without associated telephone ringing first.

TofaTel :: End to end Voice video and Data ::

It capture a number of digits and checks to confirm the length of numbers is right within a specified range. It protects from Do Not Call contact numbers, give contact ability to detect and not to dial again of further calls and campaigns. IVR support the agent to transfer the live call from one agent to another and from one department to another. Automatically detection answering machine and record the audio message to other end after beep identification.

Avatar Voice Broadcasting features is highly flexible to provide as task queue based distribution messages and sending commands to application messaging system, which in turn can send instructions to multiple instances to make millions of calls per day. Supports multiple users, facilitating SaaS voice broadcast providers to allow their customers to create their own voice broadcast campaigns. Comprehensively help the beginners by documentations, how to integrate with systems and system development with integrated to different tools.

Supports recurring tasks or specifying an exact date or countdown for when the task should be executed, for whom and when ended. After connected the messages to whole population, ones can easily re-dial to non-connected numbers at later time. Executives and business holder simple record their messages and upload into audio files to broadcast the mass audience.

Ringless Voicemail Ring-less voicemail, called a voicemail drop, a method in which pre-recorded audio message is placed in voicemail inbox without associated telephone ringing first.However, we are planning to do several press 1 campaigns and our VICIdial tech is not fully experienced in this. We seek to pay hourly and maybe we would set up a monthly maintenance program. We are definitely looking to do press 1 campaigns to the fullest extent possible, including possibly calling hundreds of thousands of phone numbers a day.

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Hi, I read the details and i can do that, in-fact i have a platform already build and we are using million of calls per day on that. Regards Abbasi. Also currently I'm engaged in another Vicidial maintenance project! I can provide ad-hoc or monthly support! Let's discuss details More. Hi, Experience. I have been installing and administering these auto dialers for years.

Exclusive on VICIdial.

Best tips to run a successful Press 1 campaign

Dear Hiring Manager, I have done this sort of work in past and I am totally capable to execute this project as well. I have a good amount of experience in Dial 1 campaigns. I assure you that I am going to surpass your More. From my understanding, what your looking to have is a survey campaign with no agents but IVR playing inorder to have a report you can download. If this is what your looking to do I am available.

I hope More. I have a experience of 5 years in this field. I will give 3 hrs a day. I can do customization also if you required.

Hello I work in a telemarketing company, and the my position is Administratorion Voip.

press 1 campaign vicidial

I have 7 years experience in this field. The email address is already associated with a Freelancer account. Enter your password below to link accounts:. Tell us your experience.In short, Agent got the call. AND can talk to the customer perfectly fine. It gives the Campaign CallerID. Its GoAutoDial installed, version 2.

press 1 campaign vicidial

Many thanks Kazmi. This is for arriving at the ingroup from a Survey. But the question is why these calls are arriving at an Ingroup via a DID instead of just being transferred to the agent directly?

If you MUST do this for instance if you are running Survey on one campaign and Ratio on another and want to pass all the calls to the agent And consider seriously! IE: Keep on dialing even while loading large lists! Boss, I try to fwd the DID to menu and choose after 1 second time to in group, but stilll I got the same result as mentioned above. I update to 2. Many thanks. How can I get that option? When agents getting call, campaign caller id showing to agent.

It should show customer caller id. Why are you doing this instead of putting agents or remote agents directly into the campaign? On-Hook Agents are the better method. And if you have a separate carrier dialplan entry to call the agents and leave off the AGI line from that dialplan entry, vicidial will leave the CID as the prospect. Also: I don't recommend Goautodial for press one campaigns.

Plus Goautodial is not compatible with the latest version of Vicidial. Always behind. LOL We're at 2.

Robo Calling /Voice Broadcasting / Press 1 Campaign

Just sayin' We have 5 Press 1 campaign and call going to 5 different extension. If I am going to put agent directly to campaign then one agent can handle only one press 1 campaign but in my setup I am planing to give all press 1 campaign's call to all agents in one campaign. They can identify call coming from which campaign using In-group color code. I don't use goaudodial interface or anything. Please advice. Perhaps you should try transferrring to a call menu with a zero timeout that drops to an ingroup automatically.

The CID may survive that transition. Although it's entirely possible that the extension method may work, too and you just need to make some adjustments. You could try dumping some channel variables via "NoOp " to see if the callerid is still there during this transition. Also, how did you get the extension into the dialplan? If you edited extensions.Return to General Discussion. Multiple questions in Press -1 survey campaigns Any and all non-support discussions.

Multiple questions in Press -1 survey campaigns by richie.

press 1 campaign vicidial

The press-1 survey campaign described in the Manager Manual Section J, Page 33 has the ability to put forward a single question, capture its response and send to an agent or destination.

We want to use this survey to dial out and have the customer presented with multiple questions and capture the responses to every question.

How can we achieve this? Please suggest. IE: Keep on dialing even while loading large lists! Just one question, will integration with Limesurvey give us the desired results if we run an outbound broadcast campaign with no live agent?

The reason behind the question here is that on reading the posts and Limesurvey forums where others have used Limesurvey, they talk about webform integration of LimeSurvey with ViciDial campaign and an agent then puts in the relevant information when survey questions pop-up.

Can Limesurvey be used with no live agent? We sell such a system, many providers are capable of custom-building such a system. But I've never bumped into a free version. You could begin your search at SourceForge. I personally am currently evaluating using Vicidial for the actual call out and sample management, but I'm currently working on a call center where -with other dialer software- transfer a connected call to an asterisk to an automated survey.

What I've done is 'hard code it' in a conf file. I've created an extension that will do playback for each question, read to capture the response and move to the next question. At the end I print all the answers to a file as a pipe delimited file.

At the end of the day I send that to the client and import to SQL just for future reference if needed. We have set this up for a couple clients already and it works great. Added ability to have outbound auto-dial campaigns drop to an audio prompt or a call menu. Outbound IVR Report added. Added optional logging of call menu caller key presses. Lead ID can now be preserved on calls coming from auto-dial or in-groups that go through call menus and back into an in-group.

Call Menu transfer also works from an Outbound Survey. If so, is there an easy way to store the answer without creating a special dialplan?

Or would you then push the call to another campaign with another survey in it? The problem I'm running into is that the campaign won't dial. I am able to observe that the hopper has one lead loaded i only loaded one lead in order to conduct a test. Is it necessary to have remote agents logged into the campaign for it to dial? If so, is that the way to control the amount of lines used for the campaign? Since the manual states the campaign should have a dial ratio of 1, is it safe to assume that, in this type of campaign, the number of agents logged in would equal the number of lines used?

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